Plan for Success

Set your group's goal

  • What is your fundraising goal for the group?
  • What amount do you need to accomplish this goal?
  • $16 retail with 40% profit to the group is $6.40 per pail.    

Set participant goals

  • Based on the total amount of money you need, establish individual goals. 
  • Each person selling needs to sell their equitable amount to support the group. 
  • A reasonable goal for cookie dough is twenty-five pails per person.

          For example:

          25 (pails sold) x $6.40 (40% profit) = $160 per person

          $160 x 20 sellers = $3,200

Campaign Management

  • A 2-3 week time frame for the sale is recommended. 
  • Halfway through your campaign have participants check-in. 
  • On a daily basis remind each person the reason for selling and to reach their sell amount. 


          Start: October 15

          End: October 30

          Half way Check-In: October 22

          Turn in Orders: October 31

  • Be certain to close the sale once order is placed.  As accepting late orders  may delay delivery.

Launch with Success

  • Each participant should list 15-20 family and friends they can sell to. The name, phone and email for each should be listed.
  • Make it a group activity and schedule a time to make a call to each person on each participant's target list. This promotes healthy competition between sellers and is a good way to launch your campaign in a positive way in as little as just one hour.
  • Should participants need to go door to door after making calls, be sure participants go in teams of at least two in a group for safety reasons. Depending on age of participants, an adult may need to escort teams. 
  • Wearing your group's uniform or attire while taking orders helps buyers understand whom they are supporting. 
  • A two hour time limit for selling is recommended to check in with an assigned leader. 

Delivery Success

  • Once order is placed allow 2 weeks for product delivery.

          Place Order: November 1

          Delivery Date: November 15

  • Cookie dough delivery shouldn't be scheduled too close to a holiday, as it may require storing product if buyers aren't available to take delivery.  
  • Cookie dough must be refrigerated or frozen after six  hours at room temperature.


Hello, my name is __________ and I was hoping you could help me reach my goal. I'm raising money for ________.  We have The BEST Ever Cookie dough - available in Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip.  How many of each would you like to purchase?

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